Why Work With Robert Stenhammer?

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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

Telluride, and specifically Mountain Village, is unique and exceptional for year round recreation and living. Whether you are considering becoming a full time resident or looking for a second home in the Colorado Rockies you will be wise to engage the support and services of one of Telluride's best real estate professionals. Robert Stenhammer is one of the most knowledgeable and informed local residents who can provide you with important insight that will allow you to make an informed and great decision in choosing your future home. There are lots of great choices in Telluride but you want to KNOW the pros and cons of each property BEFORE you finalize your purchase. Home ownership at elevations above 8500 feet is wonderful and challenging. Robert is a fully engaged and supportive member of the Telluride community who understands all that it has to offer throughout every month of the year. And after you purchase your new home, you will have access to a LOCAL who can help you truly enjoy the best of life on the mountain, in the town and throughout the region.

Les Omontani

I have known Robert for the past 5 years working with him on our HOA, and he has always provided us with outstanding service and advice. He is also one of the go to realtors in Telluride

Robert recently helped my friends and I purchase a ski home in Mountain Village. His knowledge of the local market helped us gain the confidence we needed in making such a large purchase outside of our home market. He helped us understand the prospects for renting the home while we're away and  get set up with management, etc. I was impressed.

When Robert told me, after reviewing my docs, my business was worth more than I had initially planned to ask.... I raised an eyebrow..... when Robert told me he had the “Bandwidth” to handle the process efficiently .... I smiled.... but when he brought me a full price offer and we closed 28 days  after listing ..... I had to proclaim him the best I’ve ever worked with ..... which says a lot cuz I was a Broker for 20 yrs before “retiring” to start the restaurant ..... Well done Robert, a true professional!!!! ..... but it was so much more than the offer .... his efficient professional management of the closing process was invaluable

Robert Stenhammer is passionate about Telluride and helping people experience all that this iconic Colorado Town has to offer. He has been intimately involved with the people, the businesses and the activities that make Telluride so special. Robert is constantly making people feel welcomed and appreciated while helping people maximize their real estate objectives. Experience and enjoy all that Telluride has to offer through Robert Stenhammer.

Robert is an exceptionally skilled & trusted individual with many years of experience. He possesses accurate market knowledge and is able to help you find the right property by understanding your personal needs

Follow up and follow through are the things I noticed when I started working with Robert. Our working relationship soon became a friendship. I would recommend that if you are in Telluride looking for answers on Real Estate or planning a major event in Telluride, that you give him a call. Between he or his beautiful wife you will find the answers you are looking for

I love this guy! He's the consummate professional - thorough, experienced, gracious, hard-working, wicked smart, well connected, a great family man, good for the community. What I've seen is that when Robert does something, he does it extremely well, (go big or go home) and he does it with a smile. Good to know you, sir!

A savvy 30-year veteran of the ski & vacation industry, be inspired by Robert's approach to business and life, while taking advantage of his extensive knowledge of the Telluride market.

Having worked with Robert in the past--He is a man of his word. Very professional, thorough and very knowledgeable. He is very involved with his community as well. If you are looking for real estate in Telluride, then Robert is who you should talk to. He will find you the perfect property; I promise.

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